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Bellelli B-Travel is among the first trailers designed to comply with EN 15918, the new European bike trailers safety Standards.

Ideal for long or short, city, beach or country tours with your family, Bellelli B-Travel offers the highest level of safety, comfort and handiness.

 It is possible to transport one or two children who are able to sit alone and unassisted for extended periods (ages approximately 9 months to 6 years old).

  • Maximum transportable weight: 35 kg (77 lbs).  Maximum weight of each child: 16 kg (35 lbs). Maximum transportable weight in the back pocket: 3 kg (6.5 lbs).

  • Maximum total weight (trailer + passengers + cargo in the cabin and/or in the back pocket): 50 kg (100 lbs in the US and Canada).

  • Use with bicycles with 26 “or 28” wheels that can tow a load of at least 50 kg (100 lbs in the US and Canada); refer to your bicycle’s manual or the retailer.

  • Waterproof and easy-to-wash nylon canopy, front close-mesh anti-bug net, plus waterproof transparent screen (both roll-up and Velcro secured).

  • Five-point harness to secure one or two children.

  • Honeycomb sturdy plastic frame (an exclusive Bellelli patent).

  • Increased visibility: one white front reflector, two yellow side reflectors per wheel, one rear red reflector, plus battery operated red backlight and high signalling flag.

  • Double security device anchoring system with two strapped-down mechanisms (for bike and trailer), can be easily and swiftly switched to a second family bike.

Kit and accessories

B Travel can also be converted into a stroller by purchasing a conversion kit (with front wheel + handle) separately.

• Urban stroller conversion kit, with 12” swivelling wheel andhandle .
• Jogging stroller conversion kit, wit 20” front wheel and handle.
• Additional bike hitch.

1. Exclusive, patented plastic base, protects against rocks and mud.

2. 5 point harness, for 1 and 2 children


3. Wide openings on front and roof.

 4. Multi-layer canopy: retractable sunshade, protective mesh and transparent weather cover.


5. 20” wheels with quick release system.

6. Easy to use parking brake.

7. Large rear pocket; maximum transportable weight: 3 kg.

8. Quickly and easily foldable.