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Colour: Fashion Blue


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Eos by Bellelli is approved car seat for Group 2/3 (15-36 kg) complying with the European Regulation ECE R44/04. 

Lightweight, versatile, easy to move, to assemble and to use, this handy upside approved protects children by leaving them the freedom to feel great using the same belt of mom and dad.

The additional belt guide for Eos Plus ensures the proper positioning og the car safety belt on the child's shoulder.

Height 21 cm | Widht 45 cm | Deep 41 cm

Weight 1 kg

1.With a wide seat, it allows children to look out of the window during the journey and lifts them up so that the car's seat belt passes over their shoulder instead of their neck, which provides them with greater protection

2.Extremely easy to install inside the car: you can secure the car seats with few, easy actions

3.Soft, breathable, washable lining that is easy to remove